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SINGLE girder OVERHEAD travelling CRANEs

SINGLE-girder OVERHEAD travelling CRANE

Our DEMAG single-girder overhead travelling crane offers an economical solution for medium payloads with a lifting capacity of up to approximately 12.5 tons. With a span of up to 30 meters, our single-girder overhead travelling cranes are suitable for the high workloads your business processes demand. The crane is composed of the high-quality DEMAG standard components that suit your business process.

DEMAG single-girder overhead travelling cranes have a low weight and by using trolleys with a short construction height, we can realize favorable installation dimensions for you. For heavier payloads and more lifting capacity, choose our double-girder overhead travelling cranes.

Demag Enkelligger bovenloopkraan wordt samengesteld uit hoogwaardige Demag standaard componenten


DEMAG has stood for high quality crane systems and hoists for more than 200 years. The single-girder overhead traveling crane can be built modularly from DEMAG components, so that we can tailor the crane to your specific situation. You can operate the overhead crane from the work floor by means of a pendant push button box that runs along the crane girder independently of the travel movement. Optionally, the cranes can be equipped with a radio remote control.

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Demag Enkelligger of dubbelligger v-bovenloopkraan bij Elmec BVIn addition to the regular version, DEMAG now also has the single girder V-type crane. This overhead crane has a revolutionary composite girder with an open structure. This limits the own weight. This reduces the load on the crane track, which means that you may be able to use a higher workload. In addition, the beam allows more light to pass through; light from skylights or light fixtures is blocked less, resulting in fewer shadows on the work floor.


A new overhead crane sometimes means a different way of working. Your employees have to get used to a new machine. Our employees are happy to think along with you to adapt the crane to your other business processes, so that your employees are inconvenienced as little as possible. Of course we offer the support and service you need. Our expert employees are on hand to ensure that your business processes continue to function optimally.

Our specialists would like to tell you more about our single-girder overhead travelling cranes. Please contact one of our employees for more information.

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Hoisting units of the type electric wire rope DH or DMR, or electric chain hoist DC, are compact, robustly built modern hoisting units, maintenance-friendly and subdivided into several FEM classes so that a technically and economically correct choice can be made according to the intensity of use. Depending on the nature of use and the workload, a choice can be made between the version with a rope hoist or a chain hoist. The steel construction of the cranes is according to DIN 15018, lifting class 2, load group 3 (different load groups are possible on request).

Depending on the workload and span, the main girder is constructed as a profile girder or a welded box girder. A low-maintenance crane travel drive is located on each side of the crane. This drives a crane wheel without a gear ring or pinion.


The DEMAG-motor with special starting and braking characteristics guarantees smooth starting and braking of the crane. The oscillation of the load is kept to a minimum by the motor. For cranes with greater lifting capacities and/or higher travel speeds, it may be advisable to provide the motors with a DEMAG frequency control. The frequency control provides more control over the movements and a longer service life of drives and wheels.


As a user, you naturally want a reliable crane with low operating costs. At Elmec we pay a lot of attention to these matters and are happy to inform you about all options. With very large spans, for example, an automatic alignment control on the crane driving can greatly improve driving behavior and reduce wheel wear. The SWP monitor Crane Insight provides insight into the use of the crane and supports the planning of preventive maintenance. In this way you can schedule the maintenance yourself or with us and you will not be faced with surprises.


We are happy to talk to you without obligation in our knowledge center. Here we can advise you about the possibilities and the best solution for your business situation. Click on the button below for our contact details.

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