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Skilled professionals are scarce, and suitable hands-on training programs in the field of lifting and drive technology are hard to come by. Elmec has the solution for this. The training sessions at Elmec are conducted by specialists with the necessary expertise.

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Our Elmec Academy offers training focused on technical aspects and safe practices, where we share our knowledge with clients and partners, aiming to deliver high-quality education and courses in safety, lifting, and drive technology. With a strong emphasis on practical skills and theoretical knowledge, Elmec has established itself as a reliable source for professionals seeking to enhance their expertise and advance their careers.

The Elmec Academy provides a wide range of training programs and courses designed to cater to the needs of various audiences, from novices to seasoned technicians. These programs are delivered by expert instructors with extensive industry experience, who share their knowledge and insights to help participants develop and improve their skills.

In addition to standard courses, Elmec also offers customized training tailored to the specific needs of organizations and businesses. These courses can be adapted to the requirements and challenges of a particular industry or corporate environment.

Elmec offers the possibility to follow various training blocks that can further increase the knowledge level of your company:

Safe lifting

Safe working at height

Basic knowledge of Lifting Technology

DEMAG drive technology

DEMAG rope hoists

DEMAG KBK and chain hoists – Inspection and maintenance

Frequency inverters – Hardware and software

Wire ropes – Handling, inspection and maintenance

Are you interested in a course for you or your employees; Request a free quote!

Why follow a training block at Elmec?

  • Increasing security within your company
  • Higher level preventive maintenance
  • Able to deal with (expensive) malfunctions faster and independently
  • Reducing the number of failures through proper preventive maintenance

The advantage for Elmec:

  • Increasing customer safety
  • Turn out less often for malfunctions
  • Continuing to build a trusting relationship with customers

If you have any questions in the field of training, we will be happy to help you.


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Jeroen Triest

Health and safety coordinator,
For H&S and service training.

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