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hanging cranes

hanging cranes

Overhead traveling cranes are efficient because they can cover almost the entire floor area. These cranes travel on crane tracks on the ceiling so that a maximum lifting height can be achieved even with a relatively low hall. By means of coupling stations, these cranes can be directed to another track or the trolley can take a different route via a monorail. In this way, loads can easily be moved from hall A to hall B, for example, without having to unhook.


Single- and double girder overhead traveling cranes have a modular structure and are manufactured in series, guaranteeing high quality assurance. This means that many years after delivery, an extension to the existing system can be realized without any problems.


  • Lifting capacities up to approx. 6.3 tons
  • Span of approx. 14 meters
  • Design-optimized crane undercarriage
  • Action directly at the wall through individual adjustment of the overhang
  • Crane carriages made of torsionally rigid welded box construction
  • Favorable approach dimensions due to maximum surface area
  • Power supply via flat cable or energy chain
  • Fixed control or DEMAG radio control
  • According to DIN 15018

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